Welcome to Jessica's Hope. This blog is designed to keep friends and family up to date on Jessica's journey with cancer. In all of this we have to always remember, just as Jessica is doing, that Christ is our ultimate hope. He is the sole reason that we live. To Him belong all glory and honor.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Peace Beyond Understanding

"Dr. A" cared for Jessica for six days. He boosted her confidence and encouraged her to get out of bed and sit in a chair. He is by far one of the best doctors to work with Jessica so far. On Dr. A's last day with Jessica before his partner took his place, he broke down (cried) in front of us and asked us point blank how we were handling everything so well. We told him about he peace of God in our hearts through the Gospel of Christ. Dr. A didn't say much, but he listened intently. Please pray for his salvation; God is obviously working in him.

*Please continue to pray for encouragement for Jessica and Clint. Every day there are obstacles to face and trials that come. Right now they need to feel the Love of the Father more than anything. If you would, remember to lift them up before His throne. He is the Healer and He Understands when we are weak.


  1. Praying for you, precious sister. God is being glorified through you every day!

  2. I'll always remember Clint as my little brother's best friend, young & care free. I can see through this blog how he has become a father & husband who is facing what no one could imagine. Clint, know that since my husband arrived home from deployment 3 weeks ago, I've hugged him tighter thinking of how it could change in an instant. You are in our prayers here in Las Vegas where we are currently stationed. Thank you for the updates. Love, prayers, and hugs for you, Jessica, & your son. Anne Young Snyder

  3. Hi,I personally do not know Jessica but my family and I are praying EVERY single day for her complete healing!! We are speaking it and believing in our hearts that it will happen! Philippians 4:8 and Psalm 91 are what we are meditating on for her and also our mother, Cheryl, who was told she has cancer three weeks ago. We will continue to agree with you. Love, Megan

  4. Praying for your family, Drs. and the team that surrounds you. God is at work. Praying for your peace and strength and for God's love to cover and fill you.
    Love and hugs and prayers!

  5. Praise God! We continue to pray for our dear sister & the family.