Welcome to Jessica's Hope. This blog is designed to keep friends and family up to date on Jessica's journey with cancer. In all of this we have to always remember, just as Jessica is doing, that Christ is our ultimate hope. He is the sole reason that we live. To Him belong all glory and honor.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Note about Questioning God

Thank you for praying for Lil' Jessi. She continues to struggle with breathing problems and blood clots. Please pray for her health in both areas. Please pray for our continual testimony to the nurses, doctors, hospital staff, and other patients. Please pray for and support those around you who are going through difficult times. Be a body: reach out with the arms of Christ!

A Note about Questioning God:
I get frustrated hearing various speakers talk about suffering -- especially when they have experienced nothing and see everything as black and white. I know these people have their place. After all, the ones caught in the middle of suffering have emotional ups-and-downs to contend with, while the teachers of the Word filter everything through logic, exegesis, and (hopefully) faith. But one perspective in particular needs addressing. In Fundamental circles, I often hear comments like, "You shouldn't question God." or "Questioning God is a sin."
Then I read the book of Job and saw all the questions Job had for God. I read about his demands in chapter 23 for God to give him his day in court so that he would be found innocent and come forth as gold. [Note: this chapter is often misconstrued as the trial refining Job to make him come out on the other side as gold, aka: a better person. But that is a misreading. Job is saying that if God put him on trial for sinning, then God would find that Job was indeed righteous aka: "gold".] Then I read that "in all this Job neither charged God with wrong nor sinned with his lips."
So what does that say about questioning God? That to do so is a sin? How about a different approach. What if questioning God were a sign of intimacy -- how close Job was to his God? If a faithful husband suddenly cheats on his equally faithful wife of 25 years, then do you think she would "have questions" for him? Of course she would. "Was I not good enough for you?!" "What did I do to make you hate me?!" Job was feeling like a jilted lover. He felt betrayed. God seemed so far away for no reason. Job wanted to hear from God to know what he had done to deserve all the pain; instead, Job got three "miserable comforters."
Brothers and Sisters, I do not advocate unbridled, emotionally-packed demands of the Almighty. But let's be real at least for a moment. Job questioned God, but he did not sin. He questioned God because he knew God. He questioned God because he was close to Him. He questioned God because everything he knew about God told him that "God is love." Job was so close to God that he had to ask "Why?".
Those who are hurting, be comforted. God knows that we are dust. God gave us emotions, and He knows that life is full of pain. He hears our questions; He collects our tears; He felt our pain as He became sin for us on the cross. He does not turn up his nose to our questions. True, He may not answer our questions directly, but He does not despise us for them. In the end, my Friends, all we can do is put our hands over our mouths and worship and trust Him with our lives. God is good all the time.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

For those who would like to give ...

A fund has been set up exclusively for the medical bills and extra care Little Jessi needs and is going to need. If anyone wishes to give, the fund account is through Wachovia/WellsFargo.